Our addiction treatment team specializes in all aspects of chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. We employ experienced and caring staff that focus on delivering services to meet your individual needs. We understand that there are many roads to recovery, and we utilize our patients’ perspectives as the basis for their individual treatment plan. You can expect to explore evidenced-based strategies as well as the latest approaches that may suit your needs. Our carefully-selected staff is a true multidisciplinary team composed of substance-abuse counselors, medical staff, as well as an extended family of caring professionals in the field of physical therapy, mental health, pain management and others that promote wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Substance Use Assessments and Alcohol/Drug Information School

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We offer single-day, 8-hour ADIS classes on Saturdays 830 am-430 pm. Pre-registration is required.  

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Individual and Group Therapy

Individual Sessions are catered to treat your specific needs. You will meet with your counselor at least once a week, or more depending on your preference.  

Group counseling has proven to be very effective and has become a core aspect of addiction recovery. Discover the power of group therapy in a comfortable and trusting environment. Expect to leave each group session motivated and empowered. 

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Office Hours are 10-6 M-F.

Non-office hours are available by appointment. 

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Pathway to Wellness



We are excited that you have chosen a path toward a healthier and happier life. Here are examples of what to expect at CHOICE WELLNESS CENTERS.


 After filling out a few forms, you will meet with your team of specialists.  You will be provided information on how we operate as a treatment facility, any applicable risks, as well as offer any other information you may require. Please feel free to ask any questions you have at any time during this process. Not only are your questions welcome, but encouraged. Your comfort and understanding of our program is our priority. The intake process may take up to two hours, so please make arrangements to stay for the duration.

After you have a full understanding of the services provided, and provide your consent for treatment at CHOICE WELLNESS CENTERS, you will be asked to provide a urine sample. Relax, we understand that you may have used recently, and a positive sample does not disqualify you from treatment. This sample is our way of monitoring your success.


Depending on your individual needs or situation, Assessments may be done before or after the

intake process, for example, if you are court-ordered to complete an Adult Chemical

Dependency Assessment we will make that goal a priority.

At the time of your assessment, you will meet with a qualified and understanding counselor who will non-judgmentally assess your needs. CHOICE WELLNESS CENTERS adheres to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s model to assess your level of care.  You will be asked questions that will cover six areas in your life.

· Withdrawal risk

· Medical needs

· Emotional, behavioral and cognitive concerns

· Your readiness and motivation to change

· Relapse concerns
· Your recovery environment

Once again, questions are encouraged at any time during this process.

Assessments may take up to three hours, but at the end we will have a clear understanding of your individual needs. Some clients report to have learned a great deal about themselves after being able to vocalize and process their past behaviors, and sometimes find their motivation to change reinforced.

Treatment Planning

When your assessment is completed a qualified and experienced counselor will inform you of the results. When you have processed the results, you and your counselor will begin to identify achievable treatment goals, and will work collaboratively to create strategies and approaches to meet your treatment goals. Treatment plan approaches are largely based on not only your individual need, but also your individual comfort and ability to perform the tasks that are designed to establish a pattern of success. If you are reading this, you have already accomplished a goal that leads to a better life. Change is hard, but we hope to be a resource and guide during what can be complicated and sometimes very difficult times. 

What to Expect in Treatment

 Throughout your treatment you will have regular individual sessions to monitor and guide you through the plans you’ve created, as well as monitor other concerns including medical, safety, housing concerns, etc. These sessions are an hour long and are scheduled in time and frequency to your specific needs. A typical week for outpatient involves an individual session and 3 hours of treatment groups a week. Outpatient stays are typically 12 weeks long, but is determined by your personal progress.

Intensive Outpatient  usually includes at least 9 hours of treatment groups and at least one individual session per week. IOP is usually 12 weeks long, but also depends on your personal progress.
We also have medical staff and resources available to meet your needs.

We will urge you to engage in self-help groups of your choice. Some prefer 12-step based groups, while other group members have sought out alternative groups. We can help guide you in finding the right group for your personal needs. These groups are free, and usually only require a desire to be free of substance use for you to attend these meetings.

Treatment groups and group therapy are offered throughout the week, and are offered at times that are found to be convenient for group members. Please ask if you have any questions about group schedules or anything else, and at any time. We are here in support of you. Some group sessions are designed to be educational groups that cover a wide spectrum of subjects from the neurological effects of substances to money management. Other groups are designed as process groups that may address anything from “family issues in addiction and recovery” to “how to cope with cravings,” and many other facets that affect our sobriety and lives. Group therapy has been identified to be one of the most effective strategies to address alcohol and substance-related issues. All groups are facilitated by an experienced and knowledgeable certified counselor or other qualified group facilitator (only in some educational groups).  When attending group sessions, you will meet others with similar experiences and struggles. Often times, you will meet others who have successfully navigated similar issues, and are more than willing to share how they have accomplished their success. You are encouraged to engage in group discussions in order for you maximize the benefits of the group. The groups sessions adhere to basic rules of confidentiality and respect (posted in the group room).

CHIOCE WELLNESS CENTERS take both confidentiality and respect toward others very seriously.  All group sessions are designed to be enjoyable, fun and interactive. If nothing else, group sessions can be powerful. Represented as a leaf on our logo, CHOICE WELLNESS CENTERS believes that growth happens with nourishment. When connected to something greater than ourselves, like a group of courageous people with the same goals, not only are we nourished, but we are able take root and thrive. You and the other group members are the heart, soul and backbone of CHOICE WELLNESS CENTERS. Let’s face it, addiction and addictive behaviors have often led to feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-worth. These thoughts and feelings have sometimes led to feeling like an outcast. Sometimes, we even made efforts to isolate ourselves from loved ones, friends, or anyone else. Most times we chose to continue self-defeating behaviors. Today, you have made a different choice. You chose life. Welcome. 

Choice Wellness Team

Douglas Uy - Clinical Director


  •  Doug is a Chemical Dependency Professional, certified in Washington, and an Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II.  Doug has a lifetime of experience in addictions and recovery, and has worked with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders as a counselor since 2011. Doug has seen lasting, positive changes in all walks of life from individuals within the prison system to professional athletes struggling with pain medications. Doug embraces a person-centered-therapeutic approach, and offers evidenced-based therapy with attention to his clients’ individual needs. However, having served in the Marines, Doug values the team approach, and has an appreciation of how individuals can unite in a supportive fellowship to overcome struggles in life and recovery.
    During his years in the field, Doug was able to comfort individuals during the difficulties of detoxification, was a guide in the exploration and shedding of addictive behaviors, assisted in managing the damage of their addiction to families and within the legal system.  Ultimately, Doug has helped clients learn ways to live a life free of substances. Doug is passionate to help individuals follow through with their goals in an aftercare setting, and provide clinical support as real life struggles present in real time.

Estela Clemente - Chief Executive Officer


  • Dr. Clemente received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of South Florida in 2000 where she was awarded top honors for her undergraduate research.She earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of South Florida in 2010. In 2014, She completed her Master of Business Administration from Harding University College of Business Administration and completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Harding University College of Pharmacy after transferring from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. She is a strong advocate for improving pharmacy services and has served as a regional officer with the American Pharmacist Association.
    In addition, she has clinical experience in hospital pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, and pharmaceutical industry consulting. Dr. Clemente has volunteered over 100 hours in charity health clinics and at health fairs across the Arkansas and Florida. Her professional passions are improving patient outcomes and medication safety.

Affordability and Insurance


In-Network Insurance

We are always pursuing to be included in the region's major insurance networks so please contact us for any updates. CWC is currently part of the following healthcare networks. 

  •  Aetna
  • Premera Blue Cross 
  • LifeWise Health Plans 
  • Molina Health Care of WA
  • Pacific Source
    Regence  Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna

Out of Network Insurance/ Private Pay

We will be happy to contact your insurance company and find out what kind of coverage you have. We will work with our patients who wish to pay privately with terms that best fit their budget. 

Choice Wellness Centers wants to make sure that affordability does not stand in the way of obtaining the treatment that you need.